Why Some Dogs Can't Breed Naturally

It turns out that some brachycephalic dogs cannot reproduce naturally and others cannot give birth without assistance. For example, French bulldogs have very narrow hips, making it difficult for the male to ride the female for mating. This means that breeding French bulldogs usually requires artificial insemination to achieve conception. This procedure can be expensive, so it's important to consider this additional cost when getting a French bulldog.

The court ruled that dog breeding should be stopped, unless it was to improve the health of the breeds or to introduce new genetic material. This ruling has been appealed, but it has caused shockwaves throughout the U. S. In addition, many French bulldog stallion dogs are unable to reproduce naturally, so breeders must perform artificial insemination of female dogs.

It is argued that French bulldogs were routinely born by C-section 150 years ago, but recent genetic studies show that bulldogs are so endogamous that there may not be enough genetic diversity in the breed to eliminate some health problems. It is believed that certain breeds, such as the English bulldog, were selectively bred to develop traits and improve their fighting ability. Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, both “French bulldogs” frequently require a C-section to give birth. Veterinary groups suggest introducing new genetic material or changing the shape of a bulldog's body could improve the breed's health.

There are excellent blog posts by dog breeders which explain why most of the hype surrounding purebred dogs and their health problems is sensationalist nonsense. Despite its unbalanced personality traits and physical appearance, the Pitkinese would undoubtedly be a devoted family dog. The first successful insemination was performed by (Lazzaro) Spallanzani (178) on a dog that gave birth to three pups. However, recent scientific studies show that it may not be possible to eliminate bulldogs' health problems through good reproductive choices, because current bulldogs are too endogamous.

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