What is the Rarest Dog Breed?

The Norwegian Lundehund, which dates back to the Ice Age, is recognized as one of the rarest dog breeds on the planet due to its unique characteristics, which are not shared by any other breed. The Tibetan mastiff is enormous in size and has a noble bearing, known for its “solemn but kind expression” and its impressive double coat. Its distant, vigilant and independent nature makes the Tibetan mastiff an excellent guardian breed, but a participant reluctant to participate in organized activities such as obedience. Swedish vallhunds are athletic dogs, which excel in obedience, agility, tracking, herding and flyball, in addition to being traditionally a farm dog used for shepherd.

The “small, powerful and fearless” Bedlington Terrier bears some resemblance to a lamb with its curly, pale-colored wool coat. But this breed is much more athletic than it seems, traditionally used for racing and for catching vermin. Its elegant build contributes to speed and endurance. The Finnish Spitz has erect ears, dense fur and a bushy tail, which comes in a range of colors from pale honey to dark brown.

The breed is known for its intelligent expression and energetic movement. As the name suggests, the huge Otterhound is very capable in the water. The olfactory hound has webbed legs and a rough double coat, which also makes it a great hunter on land. Otterhounds are also great as pets, as they are curious, bustling, and friendly.

With six fingers on each leg, pointed ears that you can control at will, and the ability to tilt your head back to touch the spine, the Norwegian Lundehund is unlike any other breed. Its unique structure helped it excel at hunting puffins, but it also makes it an “easy to live with” pet. The Chinook originated in New Hampshire as a dog-drawn shooting and sled race breed, which combined the power of a pack dog and the speed of lighter racing sled dogs. Also known as the American dingo, Carolina's dog actually started out as a wild, wandering dog.

It was discovered in the cypress swamps of the southeastern United States around the 1970s and is now raised in captivity. The Telomian is a small to medium-sized dog with a reputation for hunting snakes and rats that can be identified by their distinctive black masks. Their most distinctive feature is probably their skilled claws, which they developed as a means of climbing the stairs used to reach the Orang Asli's lofty homes. While there is a small population of these rare dogs in the United States, there are still not enough of them to qualify as members of the American Kennel Club.

Telomians are less domesticated than most dog breeds, making them a more difficult breed to integrate into an average family. The Lagotto Romagnolo wasn't the only water dog to fall out of favor. The similarly curly-haired otterhound has deep links to English history. King John maintained his own pack of otters, and resident members of the breed could often also be found in and around larger churches and estates.

Their rough coat and large, vibrant personality made them ideal dogs for hunt otters. And while some hunters sold their fur for a decent income, the extermination of otters was largely due to competition between humans and otters for fish in nearby waters. Ironically, the effectiveness of the otterhound nearly led to its extinction. Otter hunting was briefly banned in the United Kingdom in 1979 due to concerns that these activities were decimating otter populations.

And while it would be discovered that pesticides were actually at the root of the problem, the otter population never fully recovered. The world population of this rare breed is estimated at approximately one thousand, although there has been a slow but steady decline in recent years. Dogs are one of the most common pets in the world, especially in the United States where more than half of American households have one. The Azawakh is an African hound that is up to 29 inches tall but weighs no more than 44 pounds; it has similar proportions to those of a galgo but with a straighter back.

Not officially recognized by the AKC yet, this ancient breed native to the Sahara desert region is thin and tall with an impressive double layer coat that keeps it comfortable in cold weathers. Bedlington Terriers look like they're wearing a sheep's coat but underneath they're athletic and agile dogs; before having one you should understand how energetic they are as you must provide a large yard and plenty of exercise for one of these rare dogs. The Carolina dog is still part of the Foundation's Stock Exchange Service but not yet officially recognized by AKC; this reserved breed of moderate size descended from dogs that arrived in North America crossing Bering land bridge making them an interesting pet choice.

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