The Most Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Family dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles and Irish Setters are known for their playful and protective nature. The Golden Retriever is a self-confident, intelligent, friendly and loyal breed that is neither aggressive nor shy. This makes them the perfect match for children, as they are extremely patient and fun-loving. The Labrador Retriever is another popular breed that is playful, patient, affectionate, protective and trustworthy.

They are also very intelligent and well-adapted to training. Poodles come in both miniature and standard sizes, making them a great choice for any environment. They are ideal for children with allergies as they lose very little hair. Standard poodles are obedient, intelligent, playful and adventurous, while miniature poodles tend to be more dedicated to one person but still get along well with other pets and children.

However, no matter the size of the poodle, their coat requires regular grooming. The Irish Setter is known for its red coat and is a playful and energetic breed that loves to be around people. They are intelligent and easy to train, making them a great companion for those with a patio or backyard. They have longer coats that require regular brushing to prevent mats from forming.

The Vizsla has a lively disposition but a friendly attitude, making them loyal and affectionate at the same time. They are self-confident and intelligent, forming close bonds with family members and learning new tricks quickly. Newfoundlanders are considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world and love children. They are very protective of them and need large open spaces to live in.

Their long coat requires regular care and maintenance, but they are great swimmers and can be trained easily. For families that like to think big, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a friendly giant that weighs more than 100 pounds but is still sweet and affectionate. Alaskan Malamutes will do anything to please their pack, human or canine, but need a leader who establishes a consistent training and exercise regime. At the other end of the size spectrum is the Newfoundland which can weigh up to 150 pounds.

These gentle giants excel at swimming but also have a great reputation as babysitting dogs due to their patient and vigilant nature. Cocker Spaniels tend to be friendly, playful and reliable making them good furry friends in every way. They love to run outdoors no matter the weather so keep rain boots at the door! They are eager to please and willing to learn, making them great greeters who enthusiastically welcome homeowners with wagging tails. Poodles have a balanced temperament and are well-behaved making them popular with families.

Standard poodles in particular are well suited to active families due to their playful and energetic nature. They don't bark much, get along well with people they know and require little maintenance. Pugs are enthusiastic and lush making them intelligent and comical companions that delight adults and children alike. These pint-sized puppies can weigh more than 20 pounds but still need little maintenance and rarely bark making them a good choice for families with young children.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an ideal choice as a family dog thanks to its friendly nature and eagerness to please. These cheerful little dogs weigh up to 18 pounds and are especially good with children due to their patient nature. Bulldogs may seem grumpy but they're actually one of the friendliest dog breeds out there! This sturdy little dog loves to work out but also loves cuddles making them the perfect cuddle companion.

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