What is the Most Expensive Dog Breed in the World?

Oh, do you want a puppy from a prestigious breed of show dogs like Claire, the Scottish Hound, who recently won the award for best at the exhibition? Expect to spend ten times as much (and tens of thousands of dollars). Oh, do you want to reserve a purebred puppy from a litter that hasn't been born yet? You'll most likely spend 28 percent more than if you buy a purebred puppy between two and six months old. This breed is quite rare in the USA. UU.

(they only arrived in the 1970s) and are hypoallergenic, which makes them very popular. Grooming can also be expensive if you opt for the traditional Portuguese water dog style (slightly cropped tail and rear quarters). Their athletic ability also means plenty of time for outdoor activities. Dog daycare is a must if you have a Portuguese water dog and you go to the office every day.

Say hello to one of the fluffiest breeds in town. The Chow Chow is a Chinese breed that requires frequent brushing (and lots of brushing) to ensure a healthy coat. While they are dignified and reserved with strangers, they stay close to their humans against all odds. Training sessions or puppy classes from the start will help Chow Chow to adapt well to new situations.

Known for being feline and independent, Afghan hounds are impressive canines with a long, flowing coat. Although they are hypoallergenic, these dogs require daily brushing to keep their coat tangle-free. Afghan hounds are hounds that began as hunters in the Middle East thousands of years ago. Maybe that's why they hold their heads so high (and they cost so much).

This is one of the smallest retrievers with one of the longest names. The Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever (or Troller) Duck is an energetic, affectionate companion that loves large families and the outdoors. Bred to look like foxes to trick waterfowl, these dogs are eager to learn. Although in the past they were relatively rare in the United States.

Pronounced “Show-low-eats-queent-lee” in the US, these unique dogs and affectionate ones come in hairless and short hairless varieties. The costs of purebred puppies often include the fees already paid for microchips, registrations and vaccines, not to mention the time that breeders spend monitoring health and socializing new puppies. Finding out which breed makes the most expensive dog in the world is more complicated than looking solely at the cost of bringing it home, since it involves intensive training from puppy stage to hereditary health problems that could drain your savings. They can be extremely good with children, on the one hand, and aggressive enough to kill another dog of their weight, on the other.

A male Portuguese water dog is between 50 and 57 cm tall and between 19 and 27 kg in weight, while the female is between 43 and 52 cm tall and between 16 and 23 kg of weight. The value of a dog is not a sign of how much love it gives, it's a mere number that has anecdotal meaning. The breed was so popular among nobles that these dogs appear in popular Renaissance paintings. Bulldogs are known for their muscular, sturdy structure with a wide, wrinkled face, and the English Bulldog is no exception.

Originally bred as hunters and later as guard dogs, the Great Dane is now renowned for its friendly nature. Every few years, your dog may need booster shots or new medications if he develops illnesses or catches a cold. So, here's a list of the most expensive dog breeds and why they cost much more than the average household pet. For example, a French bulldog is quite expensive when you buy one from a certified breeder, but it costs less on average than, say, a Bernese mountain dog after about a decade.

Dr. Corinne Wigfall, from BVMBVS, BVMedSci and veterinary spokesperson for SpiritDog Training, adds that training can be another cost than dog owners underestimate. Cherry skin and eye problems are also some of the most common health problems among English Bulldogs, so potential owners should be aware of the risks and carry out thorough checks to find a responsible breeder. In Germany, they were known as the Rottweil butcher's dogs and were intended to protect the herd's cattle and to pull out carts carrying cut meat.

They are powerful dogs from Germany that are intelligent enough to learn many commands, but proud enough to take matters into their own hands if they consider it necessary.

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