The Most Famous Dogs in History

You may not have considered it, but without Toto, none of the events of The Wizard of Oz would have happened right from the start. Although the character of Lassie is female, the role has always been given to male Collies. The original was a Rough Collie named Pal. Since Pal died in 1958, all of Lassie's roles have been played by the offspring of their lineage.

Pal is reported to have done twice as much as his human co-star, Elizabeth Taylor, in Lassie Come Home. Despite not being a real-life dog, Scooby Doo is probably one of the most famous canines in the entire world. This famous dog has existed since the 1960s and, since then, there have been a large number of movies, TV shows and games (not to mention huge quantities of products) starring the cowardly Great Dane. It's no secret that Scooby Doo has also had a great cultural impact on all of us, in fact, many of the sayings in the series have been incorporated into our vocabulary.

Rin Tin Tin was discovered in war-torn France during World War I, where he was adopted by American soldier Lee Duncan. After the war, Rin Tin Tin moved to Los Angeles with Duncan, where he soon caught the attention of a filmmaker who saw him jump an impressive 12 feet tall at a dog show. While many may be familiar with the 1995 children's film Balto, some may not realize that the cartoon is based on facts. Musher, Gunnar Kaasen and their young Siberian husky, Balto, a Siberian husky, led the last stage of the mission and successfully guided their team through 54 miles in dangerous conditions and temperatures of -40°C.

Once he delivered the antidote to Nome, Balto became the face of a monumental success and is now known as one of the most famous dogs in history. So much so that Sinbad even enlisted, signing his papers with a leg dipped in ink. Sinbad was promoted to Chief Dog after several years in first class. Sinbad lived to be 14 years old, 11 of whom served with pride in the United States Coast Guard.

More than 300 search and rescue dogs helped in the months following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Their goal was to help find and discover survivors among the kilometers of debris. Trakr and Symington are credited with finding the last survivor, a woman who had been imprisoned under heavy concrete and steel for more than 24 hours. After his death in 1972, Nemo received a dignified burial, with the inscription on his tombstone: “Let everyone who hears the story of Nemo know what the true dimension of man's best friend is”.

More than 300 search and rescue dogs helped their human counterparts in the coming months after the September 11 attacks, helping to find and discover survivors among the kilometers of debris. During the nearly 20-year Vietnam War, the United States Armed Forces used thousands of military dogs (more than 3,500 to be exact). The Security Police K-9, the Nemo A534, was one of several sentinel dogs stationed at Tan Son Nhut air base as part of the security detachment. Another famous ancient dog is Peritas, Alexander the Great's guard dog from around 350 or 360 BC.

C. This dog appeared in numerous movies in the 1930s. Pal, the Wonder Dog, initially played Petey. Pal was an American Staffordshire Terrier.

How to make a homemade flea spray for dogs (3 homemade fleas). Can dogs eat eggplants? 3 simple tips on how to prepare it. A man's best friend can also be his best co-star. Here are the best dogs in film and television, from Eddie on Frasier to The Thin Man's Asta.

With a unique name and a touching story, Rin Tin Tin is one of the most famous rescue dogs of all time. After months of conversations and paperwork, Lex became the first military dog to work on retiring early to be adopted by the surviving family of a lost marine and retaining his title as one of the most famous dogs in history. While the dogs mentioned above are some of the most famous in human history, they are far from being only ones to have achieved recognition for their achievements. This unique long-haired dog was one of the most popular canine movie stars of 40s and 50s consolidating its name as one of most famous dogs in history.

The intelligent and kind Chow-Chow became such a basic element in his teacher's office that he began to internalize duration of famous doctor's sessions. Nowadays he is considered not only one of most famous dogs in history but also one of greatest war veterans. Perhaps one of most famous dogs in history and most famous its breed Rin Tin Tin was found war-torn France during World War I and adopted by an American soldier named Lee Duncan. In following frequently asked questions you will find more information about some of most famous dogs in history, from small dog breeds to border collies and streetwalkers' dogs.

And although humble and selfless at heart they often find ways to be center attention earning affection and adoration public that's what inspired list most famous dogs in history. Another famous ancient dog is Peritas Alexander Great's guard dog from around 350 or 360 B however Balto became face monumental success now known as one most famous dogs history.

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