15 Dog Breeds That Love Strangers

Stranger-friendly dogs will greet guests by wagging their tails and snouts; others are shy, uncaring, or even aggressive.

However, whatever the race,

the danger of strangers doesn't always exist with dogs. Yes, some dogs are distant or distrustful of people they are not familiar with, but not so much with others. For example, our older dog Brody believes that everyone is his friend.

In fact, the American Kennel Club classifies each breed's openness to strangers on its site. There are five possible levels on the measurement scale, ranging from reserved (wary of new people) to “everyone is my best friend” (happy to meet new people). Here are 15 dog breeds that love people, even strangers. The American Staffordshire Terrier is a muscular breed that is often misunderstood.

Despite their intimidating body and jaw, these dogs are usually accompanied by a big smile and a kind, sweet, and adaptable nature. They are aware of their environment but eager to love and trust new people. Bearded Collies are known for being friendly and energetic herding dogs. They don't tend to be shy or aggressive with strangers as they enjoy human company and often greet them with lots of kisses and tail wagging.

Boston Terriers are friendly and quiet dogs that crave attention and love to be around people. They don't tend to be shy or aggressive with strangers and usually give them a cheerful and enthusiastic greeting. French Bulldogs or Frenchies are silly, social, low-maintenance dogs that love people. They have an instinctive love for humans and make great companions.

However, proper introduction and socialization is necessary to ensure they get along with other dogs and pets. The Vizsla is an exotic dog breed from Hungary that loves people and gets along well with strangers. Although they may need proper introduction and socialization to ensure they get along with other animals, they make great family pets. Poodles are often seen as elegant show dogs but they are actually very active, sociable, and intelligent dogs that make great companions.

Keeshonden were originally bred as guard and companion dogs for Dutch ships so their love for people is instinctive. Shih Tzus are outgoing, sociable, and pleasant dogs that make great urban or apartment pets. Some breeds such as Boerboels or Pit Bulls were originally bred for protection so they may be more suspicious of other people and animals but can still be trained to be friendly with strangers. Collies are one of the best dog breeds for children as they are athletic herding dogs that love to play and exercise regularly.

Bulldogs are happy to meet new friends wherever they go as they live off the love of humans and enjoy making everyone laugh. No matter the breed, a dog that was socialized and exposed to many different types of people as a puppy will respond better to strangers as an adult. Proper introduction and socialization is necessary to ensure your dog gets along with other animals and humans alike. With the right training, these 15 dog breeds can make great companions for families who want a friendly pet.

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