The World's Rarest Dog Breeds: From a Truffle Hunter to a Hungarian Shepherd

This endangered species of Spitz was nearly extinct during World War II, but Norwegian breeders miraculously recovered it and, fortunately, it remains in small numbers today. Known for its fun nature and affectionate personality, the Norwegian Lundehund would be the perfect pet for active families. The curly-haired Lagotto Romagnolo, often mistaken for a poodle cross, is actually the oldest retriever in the world. This beautiful and rare breed of dog, dating from the Italian region of Romagna during medieval times, was traditionally used as a working dog to search for ducks in the marshes.

With its fleecy, waterproof cover, muscular build, and keen sense of smell, it's no wonder this breed has aided duck hunting explorations for centuries. However, this ingenious retriever has been driven mad by truffle hunting in recent years and is now the only dog breed recognized for this work. This ancient breed was on the verge of extinction in the 1970s, but it was recovered by a group dedicated to Italian breeding that pledged to share its specialties outside Italy. With a playful nature and easy to train, Lagotto wants to spend time with her owners and start walking adventures.

However, keep in mind that this breed's idea of taking a casual walk is an energetic expedition, eager to smell the ground in search of truffle treasures or to splash in any puddle it finds. If you like the sound of a Lagotto Romagnolo, you might find that poodles and labradoodles are the perfect choice for you. Azawakhs, loyal and passionately protective in nature, are perceived as the most unusual hound: the breed of hunting dogs that discover their prey using sight rather than smell. This elegant, long-legged breed was created in the African region of the Sahel, where it was trained to protect teepees from nomads in desert conditions.

Compared to cats rather than dogs, Azawakhs have an independent character and can be extremely shy with strangers. However, in the company of an attentive owner, this breed can forcefully overcome its reserved side and become comforting companions. If you're looking for an Azawakh-type companion, a Greyhound could be the ideal dog for you. The British Otterhound is one of the rarest native dog breeds in the United Kingdom., according to the Kennel Club.

Renowned for its wonderful mane and entertaining nature, the hound is officially rarer than the white rhinoceros, with less than 1000 dogs worldwide. It is believed to have been developed in The Borders during medieval times, and was bred to protect the fishing industry from annoying otters, as the name suggests. However, after the ban on otter hunting in the United Kingdom, the specialized breed almost disappeared and is now considered a vulnerable breed. Like its close relative, the Hound, this friendly breed shows great determination, especially when looking for tasty treats.

Prized for its sensitive and calm character, the Otterhound would be a charming companion for a lone owner who also likes to seek new and exciting landscapes. However, it's worth noting that you'll need a little patience with this stray dog as it eats messy things and loves to play in muddy conditions. This breed of Hungarian origin, pronounced “moody”, is the complete opposite of its name and is known for its cheerful and very active nature. With less than 1000 specimens, the Mudi breed is rarely seen outside from its homeland of Eastern Europe.

With pointed ears and wavy fur, this unique canine is believed to have originated in the 19th century and developed naturally from crosses between the well-known Pumi and Puli breeds. With their high intellect and quick steps, mudis are often used to herd sheep and cattle, and are also praised for being effective guard dogs. With a great amount of energy and an innate desire to explore, Mudis are the perfect companion for those who enjoy physical activity and the outdoors. The Hungarian shepherd dog also yearns for a moment of affectionate rest eager to hug his owner and receive personalized attention.

Intelligent, alert and “always on”, Mudi has many similarities to the ever-popular Border Collie. Friendly and bustling, Otterhound is a large game breed native to England. As the name suggests, this breed was developed for otter hunting. Because its quarry was found in land and water it differs from other hounds by its rough double coat and legs spanking.

Strong in body and mind Otterhound is a curious breed with an exceptionally powerful nose. Compact alert and adaptable Polish lowland shepherd dog is a beloved Polish guard dog. Its nickname PON is an acronym for Polski Owczarek Nizinny.

Skye Terrier

, he is shrewd courageous and in a good mood.

Agile and strong this terrier is a breed with elegance and dignity. The breed is loyal and devoted to its family although it is sometimes stubborn Bred to hunt foxes along Scotland's Isle of Skye they are stronger than you think because of their size.

Ibizan hound

, tall hound from dawn of civilization raised as rabbit hunter on rocky shores Balearic Islands Spain Art history students will recognize elongated head with large erect ears as familiar motif from ancient Egypt.

Czech Terrier

, ranked 185th popularity among 197 dog breeds making one least popular breeds all today.

Chinook, relatively rare breed dog bred New Hampshire early 20th century used multi-purpose sled dog.


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